Meeting government and organisational sign-in and contact tracing needs

While the world adapts to the changing environment, employers and organisations are focussed on their COVID-19 safe plans in an attempt to protect staff, customers and visitors from infection and to stop the spread of COVID-19. For the government, aged care sector, hard-hit hospitality sector and other COVID exposed businesses, this means collecting the required contact information from visitors and staff for the purposes of contact tracing.

Most businesses globally are now required to display a government-issued QR code for those entering their workplace to scan and this is where WhosOnLocation comes in. Using existing tools available in the WhosOnLocation visitor sign in process you can now combine your standard WhosOnLocation sign in experience with your government-issued QR code. This avoids the cumbersome process of using two separate processes and QR codes which may have resulted in poor visitor experience.

Government-issued QR code

Governments globally have provided QR code posters to help with contact tracing. For most businesses, this means all visitors and employees are now able to scan the government-issued QR code with their smartphones before entering a business. This is a priority to the health care sector and other businesses looking after vulnerable people. In the unfortunate event that a case of COVID-19 is reported, the government can use this data to trace the scope of the community and workplace outbreak in order to reach out to any close contacts and reduce the likelihood of further transmission.

Complementary protection

By combining the government-issued QR code system with your WhosOnLocation subscription you are adding an additional tool to your risk management strategy, allowing you to:

  • Screen those coming on-site and identify anyone that may pose a risk to those people in your duty of care, such as your employees and guests.
  • Deliver a seamless sign-in experience for your guests.
  • Meet your compliance obligations regarding government-mandated contact tracing without having to choose between the government QR code and your people presence system.
  • Support social distancing guidelines by setting occupancy limits within your WhosOnLocation account. These will then alert you when total occupancy is nearing or has breached these limits.
  • Easily access comprehensive people presence reporting in the unfortunate event of an alert that your workplace might have been exposed to a person of risk.

How do the two systems work together?

You can choose from three options to combine the two systems depending on the experience you want to offer your employees and guests.

Option 1 – Add the government QR code to your kiosk sign-in process

When employees and guests arrive on-site, they:

  • Follow the normal kiosk sign in process.
  • Scan the government-issued QR code when presented with the question on the kiosk.
  • Complete the sign in process.

Option 2 – Add the government QR code to your touchless sign-in process

When employees and guests arrive on-site they:

  • Scan the QR code on your kiosk/poster to start the touchless sign-in process.
  • Follow the normal sign in process, at the end direct users to scan the government QR code poster.

Tip: As a backup, we recommend having your government QR code poster displayed in your reception and at all entry points for those who can’t sign in using a smartphone.

Option 3 – QR code poster

If you don’t want to make changes to your kiosk sign in process or only use our QR code posters, we have a poster option available. When an employee or guest arrives on-site, they will need to follow the steps on the poster:

  • Scan the government QR code.
  • Scan the WhosOnLocation QR code and enter their details, answering any questions required to complete your normal sign-in process.

To add your unique QR codes and branding to the poster we have created a design file you can edit.

Already using a visitor management system?

The government contact tracing systems are not visitor management systems. They do not ask visitors to select a host, they do not capture other information such as vehicle parking details or ask the visitor to sign waivers or NDA’s. Your visitor management system will give you detailed information of who came on-site and who they met with, it’s important to remember the government does not want to have to look through every organisation’s visitor management reporting, which will differ from customer to customer, the new rules require organisations to use a government-issued QR code.

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