How to optimise a real estate email drip campaign

With all the buzz about targeted online advertising, you might wonder if email marketing or a real estate email drip campaign are going by the wayside.

But studies still find that email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach potential buyers and sellers.

Australians, in particular, continue to buy into email marketing. An analysis by Campaign Monitor found open rates for email marketing in Australia stood at 20.6 per cent in 2020, topping the global average of 18.0 per cent. The real estate industry was even stronger, with an open rate of 23.5 per cent. The Australian click-through rate also ranked higher than the global average, both overall and in real estate.

This means strong real estate email drip campaigns would certainly boost your real estate business.

What Is an Email Drip Campaign?

A real estate email drip campaign is a multi-step email process you operate to maintain contact with potential buyers and sellers once they have expressed some sort of interest in the housing market.

For example, suppose a couple attends an inspection and registers their phone number and email. Then you can immediately follow up with a text message and (in a day or two) an email about their interest in purchasing a home.

How to Use Real Estate Email Drip Campaigns

The most effective and efficient way to use a drip campaign is to automate the process through software specifically for real estate agents.

An email drip campaign allows you to automate lead nurturing by targeting potential clients based on where they stand in their buying or selling journey.

Once you enter your potential client into the system, you don’t have to think about the campaign. The software handles all the important details from there.

6 Strategies to Optimise Your Email Drip Campaign

Even if it’s quick and easy, you need a strategy to make your campaign work. Here are six of our best ideas:

  1. Get your categories right: It’s important to serve the right message to the right person because relevance equals revenue. Taking the time to ensure your data is set up correctly can help you.
  2. Nail the subject line: That email open rate we mentioned earlier still stands at less than 1 in 4. A compelling subject line makes all the difference. The best subject line teases just enough information to compel viewers to open it to find the answer. Never give the answer in the subject line.
  3. Keep it brief: You’ll only get about eight seconds to grab the reader’s attention before they flip back to their inbox. Give them a reason to click through to your website within the first line or two. A potential seller opening line: 111 Fantasy Land just sold for $1.2 million. See how much your home is worth (link).
  4. Make the ask: Don’t be afraid to solicit more personal information by the second or third email. Ask about selling timeframes, property appraisals, updated suburb reports, etc.
  5. Stay conversational: Even though your drip campaign is automated, make sure the emails reflect your personality as a real estate agent. Share some brief personal information.
  6. Know when to get personal: If your drip campaign engages a prospect, take the reins and craft the emails personally. Our CRM will even assist you with this. We’ll scan their social media to give you more insights into your potential client’s interests.
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