How to add a personal touch in the age of technology

In today’s fast-paced world, technology has undoubtedly made our lives more convenient. However, in our rush to embrace all things digital, we’ve often overlooked the invaluable personal touch.

In the realm of real estate, where human interactions play a pivotal role, going the extra mile to infuse a personal connection can set you apart from the crowd. So, how can you add that personal touch in an era dominated by technology?

1. Pick Up the Phone

While emails and SMS messages have become the norm for communication, the power of a simple phone call should not be underestimated. Many business dealings today happen without ever hearing each other’s voices or meeting in person.

By taking the initiative to call a new contact or business associate, you not only foster personal connections but also demonstrate genuine interest in their well-being. These conversations leave lasting impressions and build trust, enhancing your marketing efforts and relationships.

2. Handwritten Notes

In a world dominated by digital communication, a handwritten note stands out as a heartfelt gesture. Sending an email is quick and convenient, but it lacks the personal touch that a handwritten note conveys.

Consider sending handwritten notes as expressions of gratitude or congratulations, particularly to new homeowners or successful sellers. The effort and thoughtfulness behind a handwritten message resonate with recipients and leave a lasting impact.

3. Thoughtful Gifts

Gifts, no matter how modest, carry a personal touch that can make a significant difference. While a bottle of wine or a small token may seem simple, they convey a sense of appreciation and care that people remember.

Don’t limit your gifting to settlement occasions; remember to express your gratitude to key referral partners and business associates. A thoughtful gift, accompanied by a personal note, can solidify relationships and ensure you stay on people’s minds.

4. In-Person Meetings

In recent years, the trend has been toward virtual interactions, and many have grown accustomed to conducting business remotely. While technology offers convenience, it cannot replace the value of face-to-face meetings. In the past, deals were often sealed over a cup of coffee at a local cafe.

Meeting in person allows for genuine connections, meaningful discussions, and a deeper understanding of your clients and associates. Though it may require more time and effort, the personal touch gained through in-person meetings is well worth it.

Remember, technology is designed to enhance our lives, not replace the human touch. In the world of real estate, where trust and relationships are paramount, infusing personal connections into your interactions can set you apart from the competition. As you navigate the digital age, don’t forget the power of personal gestures, handwritten notes, thoughtful gifts, phone calls, and in-person meetings.

These efforts will strengthen your connections and ensure that your clients and associates remember you for the genuine care and personal touch you bring to your interactions.


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