Property Tree Client Story: Mark Shorrock of Bluestone Property Management & Sales

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Staffing changes are normal for any real estate business – people get promoted, change responsibilities or simply move on. The key to these changes is ensuring a smooth transition by properly turning over duties and leveraging the office’s software system to ensure the rest of the team is not burdened with additional work. Just ask Mark Shorrock, Managing Director & Principal Licensee at Bluestone Property Management & Sales. He knows, he’s been there.

Mark shares his story on how Property Tree helped him take over a property manager’s tasks whilst performing his duties as a business owner.


A smooth transition

Mark experienced firsthand Property Tree’s ease of use when a senior property manager suddenly moved on and he had to take over his duties in the interim. “I had to jump in as the owner of the business and basically run the department,” says Mark. “I’ve had to learn in a very short amount of time under an enormous amount of pressure how to do everything.” Thankfully, Property Tree’s intuitive design made it easy for Mark to learn the system and eventually do his new set of duties in no time.

Unparalleled trust accounting

Mark’s unique situation made him see how Property Tree greatly contributes to his team’s productivity – especially when it comes to accounting transactions.

“We’re here at 8:30 this morning and I’ve already done the receipting for the day, got up and downloaded our file from our bank, uploaded it to Tenant Download,” says Mark.

And its not only the receipting process that’s easier, communications is also done in no time, creating an efficient trust accounting system that processes transactions from start to finish. “Two weeks ago, we did a bulk email to our tenants to remind them of their rent payment. Again, it only took a couple of minutes to create the content, to tag all our tenants, to email them out,” says Mark. “We’ve gone from about 50% of those auto transactions to about 75% in the last two weeks, just through easily educating our tenants to use a reference number when paying.”

According to Mark, Rockend’s trusted background in trust accounting software truly makes the difference in Property Tree’s automated accounting transactions. “I believe the trust accounting side of the software, as a business owner and acting as a senior property manager, is unparalleled.”

Invoicing made simple



Processing invoices is one of the more time-consuming tasks in property management and when you add an unfamiliar system to the mix, it can be quite the ordeal – even for more experienced property managers. For Mark and his team though, this hasn’t been a problem, thanks to Property Tree’s easy to use platform.

“We recently put a new property manager on who had come from running off another system, and has said that invoicing in Property Tree is the easiest by far she has come across.”

Accessible information with client portals



Effective communications with customers is key to smoother transactions in property management – but it shouldn’t mean that property managers have to field phone calls and emails all day. Mark believes that Property Tree’s owner and tenant portal is a great tool that helps them manage customer communications efficiently without affecting their day to day productivity. “It dramatically reduces the amount of communication your get from owners and tenants looking for information…since they can get into the portal and look for most answers themselves.”

Detailed reports in a click of a button



Generating timely and accurate reports is essential in property management and Property Tree makes this as simple as possible for users. “At the end of month, we get a whole compressed folder of reports automatically emailed to us,” says Mark. “We recently had a QCAT case and Property Tree has a really cool feature where you can click on a tenant profile and download a tenant tribunal report.. it’s amazing that with just one click of a button you get that overarching report.” Searching for reports and information is also a whole lot easier in Property Tree with its tagging functionality. “You can create a tag for anything!” says Mark adding that reporting and filtering in Property Tree are excellent functionalities that help make their work a whole lot easier.

Best property management software

To Mark, Property Tree’s automation matched with its easily accessible reports and fully customisable dashboard makes it a powerful tool that helps him run his business more efficiently.

“I’d have absolutely no hesitations in recommending Property Tree to anyone I know in the industry. I genuinely believe that it’s the best option that’s in the market today. It’s a natural decision to make as a business owner” Mark says.

The recent acquisition by MRI also gave Mark the reassurance that Rockend will continue to set the bar in providing world-class real estate solutions. “With a company like MRI on board, Rockend will go ahead in leaps and bounds against the competition.”


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