Introducing Rockend’s online property and strata management training

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Regular training is essential in property management and here at Rockend, it’s always been part of our mission to equip our customers with the right knowledge to help them work smarter and maximise their productivity in using our property management and strata management software.

Bringing this to fruition are our Rockend University training courses – now available online. These online training courses are instructor-led, meaning you can get the skills you need directly from a Rockend trainer, in the comfort of your office or lounge, in just one hour.

Here are the other great benefits you can get from Rockend online courses:

1. Attend classes wherever you are

There’s no need to take half a day (or more!) out of your busy schedule to travel to a classroom and no need to worry that a class is not available in your area. Now you can learn from the comfort of your home or office!

“I have been using Rest for 12 years and still learn from the training. It’s great, thank you!”
Jackie from NSW

2. Onboard new team members quickly

These short, 1-hour online classrooms are ideal to get new users up to speed. They won’t be overloaded with information, instead learning bite-sized chunks that they can actually put into practice after the course, so that everything they learn is easily retained.

“I found it excellent for learning the basics to get started .”
Caitlin from VIC

3. Learn and interact with a small group

We’ve designed our online classrooms to feel like you are attending a physical classroom, meaning it’s completely interactive. Got a question? Ask away! Online classes are live in real-time so you and your instructor can discuss the topic on hand freely, together with other attendees, further enriching your learning.

“Loved the small group, interactive experience and the trainers are very personable.”

4. You get to choose your topic

Increase your knowledge and grow your skills. We have a wide range of courses available for each Rockend product, covering a specific topic in depth. All you have to do is select the course that suits you best and upskill in just one hour.

“The trainer was very good at explaining specific scenarios of how Rest can be helpful.
I also learnt many little tips that I would not have known if I did not come.”

Tahlia from QLD

5. Download free resources to help with your learning

Our courses comes with downloadable reading materials and worksheets to guide you along your online session and help put into practice what you’ve learned. You can save or print them for later as a handy reference that you can look at anytime.

“It was very informative, and they give you good reading material to refer to after!”

6. Be a pro in using Rockend software

Most users don’t use their software to its full potential – these courses will show you how to get the most out of your Rockend software, whether it’s Property Tree, Rest Professional and Strata Master. Chock full of shortcuts, tips, and tricks, our classes will have you and your staff working like seasoned professionals.

“It was a fantastic course.
Even though I have used Property Tree for a few months,
the session really helped me expand on my knowledge
and find out how much more Property Tree is capable of.”

Tricia from VIC

Ready to get a leg up in your career?

Check out available courses and schedules in the Rockend University page. Just sign up once and you can register for online courses, classroom training and free webinars.


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