7 benefits of hot desking for employers

With employees and employers embracing the benefits of remote working, the role of the office has come under scrutiny in recent years. However, while working from home has brought many advantages, not least the lack of a commute, there are some downsides. The immediacy of an in-person meeting for collaboration, the lack of mentoring and a sense of isolation that prolonged remote working can bring all highlight why a hybrid working system remains the ideal solution.

Working remotely and having access to an office and its resources provides the best balance for employer and employees, and it is this work environment that hot desking seeks to support. The benefits of hot desking are extensive, and a desk booking system can ensure that all those hot desking benefits UK employers and others are looking for are within reach.

To understand what benefits of hot desking can do for your business, we have outlined the top seven advantages you can expect from the process and how they will impact your business.

Improve flexibility

One of the crucial benefits of hot desking is that it enhances the flexibility of a hybrid work environment. For employees, that means having the convenience of working remotely when they want, while also having access to office resources when required. While benefits of hot desking for employer is the ability to have both remote and in-person working at the same time, allowing for a more flexible use of space and resources, often being able to reduce expenditure while still covering the needs of all employees.

Cut Costs

That ability to reduce both the space allotted to offices and the resources provided within that space can lower costs for business too. In a traditional office, there needs to be desks for everyone employed there, enough meeting space for teams and so on. This applies to everything, from IT infrastructure to kitchen facilities.

But if your business deploys a hybrid work system, one of the many benefits of hot desking is that you never have every employee in the office at once. From the office itself to cleaning, maintenance and more, businesses can enjoy a reduction in all these costs with the benefit of space management such as hot desking.

Attract new staff

There is no doubt that top talent is looking for flexible employment, and especially the ability for remote working. It is easy to see why, avoiding commutes, seeing more of their families, a better work life balance are all attractive features.

One of the standout benefits of hot desking is that it ensures that employees get to enjoy all that they want from remote working, but also have the ability to work in the office where it makes sense too. From collaboration to specialist equipment, meetings and more, despite the advantages of a remote work environment, some things are still better in person. Hot desking gives employees the best of both worlds.

Flatten office hierarchy

In any traditional office there is some level of hierarchy. Who sits where, the creation of cliques and so on can create an unhealthy environment. One of the overlooked benefits of hot desking is that it eliminates those traditions. Employees are no longer restricted to where they sit, they could be sitting alongside members of different teams they have never worked with, and as a result, those cliques and traditions are washed away.

This can increase efficiency and performance throughout the workforce over time, ensuring that the wide ranging benefits of hot desking for employer businesses offer continual improvement.

Improve staff performance

Employees finding themselves sharing a space with others they would not interact with in a traditional office system has another consequence too. It allows the sharing of ideas and questions between employees and various levels of management in ways that would not be possible in a strictly traditional office too.

This results in benefits of hot desking that include improved performance. It is not just the ability to share and work with new people that does this. Happy employees are more productive, and the ability to work remotely and have access to the office when needed is a proven morale booster, again improving staff performance.

Keep things fresh

No two days will be the same, even if your remote employees visit the office twice a week, they will be sat in different places, the other employees in the office are going to be different almost every time. It feels like a new workplace every time, and that is good for morale, keeping your employees enthusiastic about their work schedule.

As we discussed, this boosts performance, but it also helps with creativity and innovation. Those employees who are enthused tend to be more engaged in their tasks, and as a result, see new thinking deliver impressive solutions.

Increased staff autonomy

Finally, one of the most important benefits of hot desking is that it empowers employees. They are given autonomy over where they work, and the schedule they work to. Some may feel like they need to visit the office once or twice a week, others much less. Teams may decide to meet in the office rather than on a video link, the possibilities are endless.

But the point is always that it is the employees who have the choice. That autonomy gives a sense of ownership to the work too, ensuring employees are highly engaged with what they are doing. This in itself can boost productivity too, enhancing performance for individuals and teams that deliver impressive benefits for employers.

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There is no doubt that remote working is the future. Even pre-pandemic, it was increasing in popularity, but now, having seen the benefits, many businesses and workers have embraced the idea. It is not perfect though, and for most of us, being able to work from home and still have access to the office and getting to meet co-workers from time to time is still the best solution.

Hot desking is one of the most efficient ways to implement this hybrid approach, offering benefits for workers and employers. Using dedicated desk booking systems, hot desking is efficient, effective and easily integrated into any office, creating the perfect hybrid solution for businesses of all sizes and across all industries.

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