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MRI’s Income Analytics software helps GreenSquare’s customers avoid rent arrears

GreenSquare’s customers can sometimes fall into rent arrears for a variety of different reasons. This means GreenSquare is always looking at ways to engage with, and support these customers before they get into financial difficulty.

By using Income Analytics, GreenSquare is now able to identify customers who are approaching financial difficulty earlier, allowing quick steps to be taken to work with them to manage their rent account balance before their situation becomes too serious.

Daily, GreenSquare sends data comprising three years of rent transactions history from MRI to Income Analytics. The technology uses a cloud-based system, and advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence, to assign a risk-based score to each customer account. These scores are then sent to GreenSquare’s income recovery team, who can follow up with the customers the system has marked as highest risk.

The system is protected by a strong two-step security, so it knows its customers’ data will be safe.

Rob Fletcher, GreenSquare’s Head of ICT, said: “MRI Income Analytics is a modern, mobile-friendly, application that enables us to deliver exceptional customer service. It makes managing rent accounts more efficient and effective; and allows officers within the team to focus on working with customers to prevent and recover rent arrears on accounts.”

This is critical with the continued roll out of universal credit – particularly where customers on legacy benefits will soon migrate over to universal credit, meaning housing costs will go to them rather than to GreenSquare as their landlord.

It also provides a comprehensive set of tools for communicating with customers by text or email, and any action taken is automatically updated in MRI, with no need for any re-keying of information.

Fantastic feedback so far

The Customer Accounts Team has been the first team to use Income Analytics, for all general needs (including 55+) and shared ownership tenures. The team has adapted seamlessly and feedback so far has been positive.

Kirsty Murphy, GreenSquare’s Customer Accounts Team Leader, commented on her early impressions of this new technology, saying: “Income analytics has changed the way we work and our contact with customers. We are communicating with many more customers than ever before.”

Chris Rabbetts, GreenSquare’s Customer Accounts Team Leader, has had experience of using the software. He commented: “It’s an intuitive system that draws our attention to more accounts at an earlier stage enabling us to make earlier interventions.”

Laura Garland, GreenSquare’s Customer Accounts Team Leader, said: “As a new member to the team, I have found this to be user friendly, clear and a much quicker way of working.”

Finally, Charlie Hall, Customer Accounts Officer, remarked: “Income Analytics is an amazing programme. It analyses the trends of an account and this in turn highlights any risks involved at the earliest possible stage. We then contact our customers and resolve any issues before they escalate.”

Phase two of the project will begin next year, and will see Income Analytics roll out to further tenures.

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