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Grwp Cynefin

Innovative Welsh landlord, Grŵp Cynefin, is the only housing association to operate across all six North Wales counties plus north Powys. Cynefin is the Welsh word for a safe, welcoming habitat where a person feels they belong. This is exactly what the housing association aims to provide for its tenants: high quality homes, excellent services and sustainable communities where people wish to live. Part of this mission is a desire to provide personalised support to customers who need it, intervening early to deliver better outcomes.

During a period of significant change for the sector, and recognising that data was one of their biggest assets, Grŵp Cynefin invested in MRI Software’s Tenancy Analytics solution. By segmenting their customers, team members are able to identify and highlight who is facing severe financial distress and needs immediate help and attention. The result is much quicker, more informed conversations and action, with the right customers. Tenancy Analytics helps Grŵp Cynefin staff to target areas of priority, working alongside existing IT systems, augmenting rather than replacing them.

As a business we need to get ready for the rollout of Universal Credit and there is definite power in information.

Noela Jones, Head of Housing Services at Grŵp Cynefin, recognises that Tenancy Analytics will save the housing management team serious man hours:

Grwp Cynefin has projected potential savings of up to £80,000 by investing in Tenancy Analytics. This will be delivered by reducing the average number of customer visits from three to one.

Now in their second year as Tenancy Analytics customers, a new goal for Grŵp Cynefin in 2016 is to host a series of roadshows for their customers. Staff teams will travel by minibus to areas highlighted by Tenancy Analytics as in need of additional support, including customers most affected by welfare reforms,and those in financial distress. Time will be spent showing customers in these areas how to make their money go further and encourage them back into work by taking advantage of some basic training opportunities. Tenancy Analytics has enabled this proactive approach to managing risk.

Grŵp Cynefin also aim to move customers onto direct debit payments, where Tenancy Analytics’s evidence suggests this would be appropriate. This could see a further efficiency saving of £20,000 in administration costs. The roadshows will also target these groups, with Tenancy Analytics supporting the delivery of effective, targeted campaigns.

We are very happy with the service we receive from MRI Software. Our account manager and communication with MRI Software have been excellent. We hope to have all staff trained on Tenancy Analytics so we can maximise the capacity and ensure the service is being used correctly. Tenancy Analytics is value for money in the long run!

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