News February 8, 2017

Qube PM: Award Winning Software – Now even better in 2017 | 8 February 2017

This news story relates to Qube Global Software, one of our previous brands. For more information please read the press release.

The new release of Qube PM will be available imminently and includes even more features, adding to the overall richness of the application. As always, the main release will be free to all our subscribing customers.

As a Qube PM user, our annual releases are designed to keep you up-to-date with regulation, legislation and industry body guidance – in addition to ensuring you improve efficiency and stay ahead of your competition.  Many of these changes are based on user community suggestions or through our strategic product development initiatives.

A snapshot of the hundreds of enhancements includes:

Fixflo-Qube PM interface
We have developed an interface with Qube Connect partner Fixflo, providing functionality to enable maintenance issues to be logged online by your occupiers. This information is then automatically imported into Qube PM, streamlining processes to improve efficiency and customer service.

Substitute a replacement term instead of ‘Tenant
As the system is used in such a wide variety of customer facing situations, we have included the facility to rename the ‘tenant’ element in the traditional structure to a name of your choice. You can now choose to replace the word ‘tenant’ with a term that better reflects your preferences, for example ‘customer’,

Enhancements to commitments
Commitments can now be recorded for non-Property Management related expenditure, enabling improved budgetary control. A new workflow step can also calculate whether actuals plus commitments exceeds the annual budget.

Even better fund consolidation reporting options
Fund consolidation reports now enable the inclusion of commitments, meaning you can now report on budget remaining after both actuals and commitments have been taken into account.

Greater flexibility at field level
Record a wider choice of information in Qube PM with extended fields.

Site survey enhancements
Collect signatures during Site Surveys, and enable users to have more password control within the App.

Archiving extended
Whilst archiving is a already widespread in core modules redundant records can now be safely stored away from your main systems through archiving FM Contract and Property records.

Get in touch to find out more about the improvements offered by the latest Qube PM release – contact us.

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