Strata Master v14 is here: Your strata management software’s biggest release yet

Strata Master’s biggest release yet is finally here! Engage your clients and suppliers while making life simpler with Strata Master v14 and File Smart v8.5. Here’s a quick rundown of the features available to you when you upgrade to the latest version.

Strata management software updates

MRI Strata Connect

Upgrading to the latest version enables you to access MRI Strata Connect – the fully cloud-based maintenance and community engagement module designed to help you manage more lots whilst improving service. Now you can:

  • Easily lodge and track maintenance requests, with complete transparency for all stakeholders from start to finish.
  • Help get maintenance jobs resolved quickly by assigning a Virtual Maintenance Manager to do the hard work for you.
  • Setup different quote and invoice approval rules for each building.
  • Eliminate manual data entry with Smart Invoice extraction.
  • Ensure creditors are fully compliant with access to their compliance status and insurance details in real-time.
  • Provide owners and residents access to important information and submit maintenance requests with interactive building profiles.
  • Quickly create individual chat rooms for a specific invoice, job or document – keeping all communication consolidated and tracked for easy auditing. 

Strata Connect cloud based strata management platform webinar

StrataVote two-way integration

Strata Master Version 14 delivers a two-way integration with StrataVote, providing unrivalled meeting, electronic voting, and documentation functionality to Strata Master users. With this integration you’ll be able to:

  • Host online meetings to increase lot owner participation and satisfaction.
  • Create beautiful agendas and minutes quickly with custom templates that match your brand.
  • Facilitate pre-meeting and live electronic voting.
  • Cover all types of meetings – whether you’re in Queensland doing a VOC home, you’ve got secret ballots, you’ve got AGM or CGMs, etc.

Macquarie Direct Debit integration

Lot owners will now be able to opt into Direct Debit themselves from their nominated bank accounts. With this integration, you’ll be able to offer an additional service to your portfolio and reduce arrears by taking the burden off owners to remember to pay their levies on time. Find out how it works here.

Building Managers in Strata Master

A new Building Manager contact type has been added to Strata Master so building Managers can be added the same way as Real Estate Agents. You’ll be able to assign a Building Manager to single or multiple corps via a new Building Manager tab on the building card. And from there it’s easy to include them in your email and SMS communications, Work Orders and Quote requests, and even allow them to approve invoices via the portal using Online Invoice Approval.

Levy Wizard Enhancements

With the new ‘Generate Levy Notices’ option, you’ll be able to generate Levy Notices via both print and email in the same levy run. Plus, a new SMS option has been added to the Levy Wizard, helping levy contacts stay on top of their payments by automatically SMSing them when levy notices are issued. Enhancements have also been made to Additional Contact, Levy Notice and Levy Notice email templates.

Plus many more enhancements to Strata Master, including 20 of your User Voice suggestions! 

More on Strata Master v14

To learn more about Strata Master and File Smart v8.5 you may read the release notes here. You can also take the self-paced course for a step-by-step guide in using the new features.


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