6 reasons to use Rockend SMS

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Communication is a big part of property and strata management and here at Rockend, we want to make it as easy for you as possible. One of the ways we do this is through Rockend SMS, a fully integrated and seamless SMS service available for Property Tree, Rest Professional and Strata Master users.

Simple and effective business messaging is our promise with Rockend SMS. Here are more reasons why you should start using this service now:

Why use Rockend SMS

5 specific examples of how SMS can be used in Strata Management

So, we know why SMS is great, but how do we start putting it into use? Here’s 5 specific situations in which SMS can save you time and get information to your tenants quickly and easily.
  1. Easily remind residents of their upcoming Fire Inspection by scheduling a bulk message to be sent the day before the company arrives. Compose the message after sending your work order, schedule it for your required date and then Rockend SMS Online will do the rest!
  2. The lift has broken in one of your buildings, stop fielding the multiple emails and calls from owners reporting the same problem. You have notified the lift company and they are on their way! Let everyone know by sending a Bulk SMS from the Communications Wizard.
  3. Increase participation in your meetings by sending out reminders to your owners the day before the meeting is scheduled. It’s easy to miss emails, but everyone checks their phone!
  4. Make your Debt Recovery process more efficient by automatically sending a message to the levy contact or owner for each stage of Debt Recovery, ensuring they are immediately aware that payment needs to be made.
  5. Your office is closed for Easter and you want to remind all your owners that their emergency tradespersons contact numbers can be found on your website. Not a problem, use the Communications Wizard to send a Bulk SMS with a link to the page – making it even easier for them to access the information they need.

Activate Rockend SMS Today

Learn more about Rockend SMS and how to activate the feature in your software:

In Property Tree: https://propertytree.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/195334-how-to-send-text-messages-sms-

In Rest Professional: https://rockendsms.edgility.com.au/rockend-sms-for-rest-professional/

In Strata Master: https://rockendsms.edgility.com.au/rockend-sms-for-strata-master/


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