Resident Screening

Resident Screening

Resident Screening ScreenshotCustomized screening for quality, long term residents.

MRI Software’s ResidentCheck solution offers flexible and comprehensive resident screening for the multifamily real estate market. ResidentCheck enables property owners and operators to maximize financial performance and manage risk tolerance with a customizable, property-level screening approach.

MRI ResidentCheck’s proprietary AccuScore point model allows property managers to analyze applicant risk based on housing-specific criteria, unlike competitive solutions that rely solely on the more generalized FICO score. The AccuScore model ensures that only evaluation data that is directly relevant to housing delinquency determines the acceptance or denial of prospective residents. MRI also employs a team of in-house private investigators to conduct in-person criminal background checks when necessary electronic data is unavailable.

MRI ResidentCheck features robust capabilities, enabling continuous refinement of resident screening criteria. Role-based reporting provides unique views for both management and property-level staff. MRI ResidentCheck can be tailored for all housing types including:

  • Conventional
  • Affordable
  • Student
  • Military
  • Senior

MRI ResidentCheck is available as an integrated offering within the MRI Residential Management product as well as via third-party property management solutions. It can also be accessed directly via a web-based portal.