Whiteboard Wednesday – Asset Tracking Mobile App

On today’s Whiteboard Wednesday, Sachin introduces the features and benefits of MRI’s Asset Tracking Mobile App.


Sachin: Hi, welcome to Whiteboard Wednesday. My name is Sachin, working out of the EMEA sales team for MRI Software. Today, I’m going to talk about our Asset Tracking App that we have that integrates with our fixed asset accounting solution. What’s the purpose of this app? Primarily, what it does is provide the facility for users out in the field to update the asset register while they’re standing next to the asset.

Real-time data is downloaded to the mobile app that they have. That could be on their mobile device or tablet. That then allows them or gives them the facilities to perform four key transactions, from finding the asset where they can enquire the system and directly look up information about the asset. They can scan a barcode label to pull up the actual asset details and verify the location to a particular time point. That then aids with the physical verification, auditing process of our fixed assets.

We also have the facility to add assets directly to on the mobile app. Quite often, there’s a facility where the assets come through the door. That is logged by the person receiving the asset, so they could directly go into the “Add” screen here, fill out the form and directly add that asset into the system as it comes into the building.

Finally, we have the facility to issue return assets. This is really taking us a step further where we’re physically logging the fact that an asset has been assigned to a particular user or a particular customer, or indeed a particular location. A form is then filled out with the users signature to verify, to audit the fact that they’ve received the asset and then the software again, real-time updates that back to the core register. The mobile app really provides a facility for users out in the field to update the asset register and that to be fed back to the core system.

That completes another episode of Whiteboard Wednesday. We look forward to seeing you next time.

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