Local Authorities: Elevate the management of your investment and operational properties

Back in 2020, MRI Software acquired three leading social housing and local authority software providers – Orchard Information Systems, Castleton Technology and Housing Partners. Adding to existing expertise, MRI now serve 200+ local authority clients across the UK.

Our wide-ranging solutions work hard to provide a 360-degree view and ongoing management of owned properties, its tenants and the wider community at any given time. Many local councils have already adopted an MRI housing management and community solution, however, we offer so much more to transform property operations, accounting and asset management for your investment and operational portfolios.

In this 30-minute on-demand webinar, we introduce the wider MRI ecosystem, including our leading commercial and mixed property management solution, dynamic customer portal technology and AI-powered contract intelligence platform. Plus, we give insight into how a large UK city council has adopted these solutions to revolutionise their operations.

In the session, we cover:

  • How you can digitally abstract leases using AI to reduce risk the risk of incorrect data in your property solutions
  • How an integrated platform can cover all aspects of lease management, property management, accounting and investment management.
  • How dashboard reporting can elevate your understanding of your portfolio
  • How MRI can facilitate connectivity with other systems and teams in your organisation
  • How you can empower tenants with self-service tools whilst simultaneously improving efficiency and ability to deliver excellent customer service

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