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[Horizon Spotlight] Spot data discrepancies and cost-saving opportunities with the new AI-powered cost assurance capabilities

Data integrity is a key component of any lease management system. It plays a key role in your organisation’s ability to make important operational and financial decisions and ensure that your leases are aligned with the strategic direction of the business.

However, for most organisations, the dependency on manual abstraction of complicated and lengthy lease contracts, manual tracking, and data entry processes results in inaccurate or error-prone data inside your lease management system. Inaccurate data leads to critical dates or errors being missed and makes it difficult to make important decisions.

Inaccurate lease management system data is an unfortunate reality, but you don’t have to settle for it. Our AI-powered contract assurance capability in Horizon enables to read lease contracts and highlight data discrepancies between lease data and the existing data in Horizon for both payable and receivable leases. The Contract Intelligence and Horizon single experience offers the best practice audit capability to ensure your data is accurate and correct, allowing you to gain full data transparency while saving you time and money.

In this on-demand webinar, we showcase:

  • The workflow process from data extraction in Contract Intelligence to Horizon
  • Automated data comparison and reconciliation report between Contract Intelligence and Horizon
  • How to audit leases that show data discrepancies and make changes in Horizon

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