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Gain deeper levels of insight into your business operations with MRI Agency Analytics

Advanced tools and additional flexibility for estate agency managers

With the modern pressures faced by sales and lettings agents, it’s vital that organisations keep ahead of the curve and find ways to optimise efficiency. On top of that, in increasingly uncertain times, businesses need quick access to clear, concise data that helps them stay flexible in changing market conditions.

In this on-demand webinar, we’ll share how you can do exactly that, as we introduce Agency Analytics – our new software feature for MRI Sales & Lettings.

Our latest functionality offers dedicated operational and strategic insight for branch managers and agency business leaders, and enables remote performance management. It provides quick views of key agency metrics, driven by the comprehensive data held within the CRM, to enable significant efficiencies and better-informed decision-making.

In this free-to-download 30-minute session, we’ll cover how you can leverage an industry-leading estate agency software platform and how you can adopt Agency Analytics:

  • Set up consolidated views of critical management data
  • Automate the production of various system reports
  • Interrogate data and information held within the solution
  • Utilise information to enhance strategic planning
  • Undertake remote performance management

We also discuss the recent developments to MRI’s suite of agency software applications, and specifically the enhancements to the overall MRI Sales & Lettings solution.

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