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Focused arrears management for First Ark when officers are in the office or on the move with MRI Income Analytics

MRI Income Analytics is a predictive arrears management solution designed to work with any housing management system. It’s key aim is to remove accounts not requiring attention from user defined case lists, providing income teams with a focused list of accounts to work through.

Providing users with much more than just a list, MRI Income Analytics gives users access to rent payment history, action history and contact details directly from the product, and enables them to contact tenants directly using text and email. And, this is all available when you’re out of the office, using any device that can connect to the internet. As First Ark have discovered, this means MRI Income Analytics can deliver value beyond just the Income Team.

“Our Welfare Reform & Universal Credit teams discuss the rent account at every customer visit. We’ve always been hampered by the lack of an appropriate mobile solution. MRI Income Analytics offers us the perfect solution, giving our officers the ability display a rent account on their iPad within the customer’s home. It provides a visual of their rent account and the ability to add a note summarising their discussion, all of which will feedback directly into MRI Housing. Being able to use the system in this way will offer us significant efficiency savings.”
David Curran, Income Manager, First Ark

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