“There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand”

What’s that you say? You haven’t heard of Arrested Development? Come on!

Arrested Development is a critically-acclaimed television show that chronicles the misadventures of the Bluth family, whose extravagant lifestyles are interrupted when the family patriarch, George Bluth, Senior, is arrested by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) at his retirement party on charges of fraud. The show ran from 2003-2006, and although it developed a strong following, was cancelled at the end of the third season. Last May, however, Netflix decided to purchase a fourth season, which was released exclusively on their online streaming service and earned the honor of three Emmy nominations.

So how does this tie into property management? As fans of the show already know, the Bluth Company is a real estate firm with some questionable financial dealings, and it’s up to Michael Bluth, arguably one of very few responsible characters, to save the business. As it turns out, the entire family (with the exception of Michael) habitually dips into company funds for personal use. Because of this discretion, neither his mother nor siblings are willing to help him find any of the business’s financial records. With the possibility of forged numbers, lack of receipts, and implications of “light treason,”  Michael certainly has his hands full.

Although Arrested Development is a fictional show, is still represents the importance of keeping accurate accounting statements. The dealings of the Bluth Company are very similar to some of the happenings of the Enron scandal, and George Senior faces a significant sentence if the prosecution can prove their allegations of fraud.  Fortunately, Michael’s dilemma is a preventable one. Had the Bluth Company employed MRI Audit Trail, Michael would be able to see any modifications to the company’s financial data as they occurred. Audit Trail provides an additional layer of protection for a business’s critical financial data, and features highly configurable reporting so users can review pertinent information as often as needed. The solution is designed to support users’ Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliant system, enabling clients to view data quickly and consistently. Moreover, the software easily integrates with MRI’s core offering.

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