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Altogether Group: Efficient facilities management for thriving communities

fiona mackay of altogether group case study on facilities management software

Altogether Group is a multi-utility service provider that started as a supplier of recycled water to New South Wales communities and have now grown to include simple and sustainable power solutions and data services, empowering over 400 communities across Australia.

The challenge of utility providers

As a growing company in a heavily regulated industry, Altogether Group understands how crucial it is to manage their assets efficiently, not only to remain compliant but also to ensure their assets are in top shape to deliver the best services for their customers. For Altogether Group, there’s a better way to centralise and facilitate their asset information than just using spreadsheets and MRI Software has the best solution to make that happen.


Altogether Group relies on MRI’s Facilities Management Software to optimise the utilisation of their assets. Compared to spreadsheets, FM Software gives them greater visibility in the compliance and health of their equipment, machinery and infrastructure by tracking and reporting on maintenance operations all in one place. It incorporates all elements of preventative and reactive maintenance associated with properties and manages work orders, maintenance scheduling, approval and sign off, vendor management, self-service requests, reporting, invoice documentation and KPI dashboards.

MRI Facilities Management Software increased our productivity and helped drive improvement – turning what once was an initially cumbersome task into an efficient work process.

-Fiona Mackay, Asset Manager, Altogether Group

Impact across the business

Altogether Group’s vision of empowered communities will not be possible without future-focused solutions such as MRI Facilities Management Solution to help drive efficiency across their business. This is important as Altogether Group is able to streamline and innovate their maintenance processes whilst they continue to grow their business.

Maintenance management

MRI Facilities Management Software helps Altogether group in efficiently carrying out the required maintenance work, calibration checks and other inspections on their recycled water treatment plants. The system also centralizes all of their asset information based on various locations and enables them to plan maintenance and issue work orders on a regular basis. Their operator and contractors can then complete those work on an app on their phones.

Compliance and audit trail

With all assets and their maintenance information in one place, generating reports required for compliance is easier for Altogether Group, helping them minimise the risk of legal issues and ensuring accurate records – including photos or any attachments are stored securely.

Robust connections

Facilities Management Software is also used in connecting new properties to their communities. They are able to record those connections and the equipment that gets installed at that time, monitor work order completion and track any ongoing faults.

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