Kylie Walsh: The changes make us stronger

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There’s no question that COVID-19 pandemic brought a rapid change in the real estate industryforcing agencies to develop strategies that will help them adapt to the new normal quicker. For Di Jones General Manager, Kylie Walsh, the transition meant stepping up on their communication strategy. She talks about this and also shares how their agency dealt with remote work, arrears and reduced rental properties when the COVID-19 crisis hit in a recent interview for MRI Property Rockstars. 

“If you’d ask me prior to COVID-19 if we had good communication with our clients, I would’ve said it was 9 out of 10. Now retrospectively in the manner that we’ve been communicating with our clients, I would’ve said we were 5,” says Kylie on how the criteria for effective communications has changed in the past months. 

According to Kylie, re-aligning their communication and technology strategy with the challenges brought upon by COVID-19 has helped tremendously in running a customer-centric business, and she advises other agencies to do the same.   “I think we can lift our game with the amount of automation and technology that’s come over the last 90 days and what’s coming. I think people really need to have a good look at providing valuable communication, segmenting their database, understanding their demographic and tailoring their services towards what their customers want.” 

*MRI Property Rockstars is a video series in partnership with Real Estate Uncut. As part of the series, property commentator Kevin Turner talks to some rockstars of the property management industry about their business, tips, and personal stories.

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