Plan and optimize performance - Invest


Chase opportunities instead of data 

This full real estate investment lifecycle asset management solution lets you optimize portfolio performance while giving investors complete visibility. With a single source of truth for your financials, you can speed up accounting and reporting processes and increasing their accuracy. Automated decision support helps you make better investment choices. 

Plan and optimize performance - Perform


Make real estate investment decisions confidently

Investment planning and performance analysis tools let you analyze, monitor, and forecast your portfolio’s current performance – and unlock its future value. You can measure retail traffic to make data-driven, profitable decisions about your spaces, while comprehensive views of actual vs. budgeted spend keep your real estate development projects on track. 

Conquer leasing chaos and build the future you imagine


When your tenant mix perfectly fits your commercial properties and real estate strategy, everyone is happy. The right tools help you attract and retain the tenants you want – and boost your portfolio performance. 



Managing commercial real estate takes a lot. Between daily tasks like collecting payments and maintaining facilities, it’s hard to find time for strategic needs like analyzing occupancy trends and managing energy usage. Automation helps you do more so you can focus on activities that build your portfolio’s value. 


More visibility = better decisions + stronger revenue

Learn how to manage the full investment lifecycle – from asset management to investor relations – with accurate data and robust reporting to make informed decisions that drive portfolio growth.

3 steps to effective commercial property management

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2. See your perfect solution

Guided by our experts, select the tools you want to support your strategy.

3. Make your real estate vision a reality

Cut through the complexity and gain insights to unlock your portfolio's untapped potential.


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