Whiteboard Wednesday – Residential Overview – Retain

Residential Property Management Overview - Retain

Today on Whiteboard Wednesday, Nick speaks to MRI’s Residential Solutions, specifically, how MRI helps to retain residents, through automation and resident satisfaction. Through automated communications, resident portals, and online renewals, MRI provides property managers the ability to increase resident satisfaction and maintain occupancy.


Video Transcription

Nick: Hi. This is Nick and on today’s Whiteboard Wednesday we’re going to be talking on ways MRI can help you to retain the residents that you’ve spent so much time helping to promote and lease and move into your property because what’s the point of having all of these residents moving out having periods you’re not receiving rental income and having to attract new people. Let’s just keep them happy. How do we do that?

MRI Software provides a lot of tools for what we call self-service. Allowing the client to do things digitally do things online so that they are not constantly coming into your leasing office. Example of that would be a self-service portal that MRI can help provide for you. The resident can go in and pay their rent on a monthly basis, they can go in and the see the community calendar, get any notifications that might be needed for them from your property manager’s pushed out to them.

They can also provide service requests. Being able to push that out so that there might be something wrong with their property it can then come to you digitally, you’re able to take care of that all without having to answer a phone call. Maybe you want to answer a phone call or maybe they were going to call you regardless then MRI is still going to provide you with the ability to have automated contact.

Same as was spoken about in the first episode of this series, we have the ability to live chat with your residents. You can have automated answering services when people call. There’s a lot of different ways that we provide you with the ability to streamline your processes so that your leasing manager isn’t stuck at their desk answering the phone instead they are helping create a better environment for your residents.

The last piece of this retention is package tracking. MRI allows you the ability to get information out to your residents so that they know when a package may have arrived for them. They know where they can go pick it up. You can manage that process for them so that there’s an ease of use there on their part. They are not worried that their package may have delivered to either the wrong unit or to leasing office that’s closed. You can specify all those details and alert the residents to let them know when it’s convenient for them to come and get their package.

We provide a lot of different tools and these little amenities for the resident to really make them see the full value of them staying in your apartment complex. The ability to retain clients to help make that lease process easier and to attract them is really how MRI Software is coming together to help you manage your front office.

Stay tuned for next week’s Whiteboard Wednesday where we start talking about the back office tools that MRI provides to really help you to optimize that operation system.

That’s it for this week Whiteboard Wednesday. We will see you next week.

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