Whiteboard Wednesday – Residential Overview – Control

MRI Residential Management Overview - Control

Today on Whiteboard Wednesday, Nick continues his series on MRI’s Residential Suite, focusing in on the many ways that the system helps to control your financials to make smarter and more accurate business decisions.


Video Transcription

Nick: Hey, this Nick with another Whiteboard Wednesday. This week, speaking to how MRI software can help you provide more control over your finances and your reporting. MRI software since 1971 has been known for our accounting tools, our reporting and providing clients better insight into their finances, providing easier reporting to all of the different stakeholders across the business. That’s just one way that MRI can provide control but what I wanted to speak about as well is the ability for MRI to handle complex retail functionality as well.

Let’s say that you own a building and you have a lot of retail outfits and you have percentage rents that you’re dealing with from these different multiple occupants, MRI software is able to put those percentage rents right into that reporting to make it easier for you as the owner of that property to collect the appropriate rents that may be needed.

The last thing I want to touch on just this week is on fixed assets, newer product within MRI but if you have leases that have fixed assets, MRI now provides the functionality to be able to handle those, as well as being able to handle the new IFR 16 regulations, all of that, that’s coming down the pipe, MRI software it provides tools to help you better manage and control all of these different finances.

That’s it for this week’s Whiteboard Wednesday. Next week we’re going to be talking about how all of this information helps feed into your ability to analyze your performance and make better decisions. See you next week.

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