Whiteboard Wednesday – Residential Overview: Analyze

MRI Residential Overview - Analyze

On this week’s edition of Whiteboard Wednesday, Nick Frank talks about how MRI Software’s solution can compile all of your data to give your team the insights it needs. Through MRI’s Reporting, Budgeting and Forecasting and MRI Analytix modules, your team will be equipped with essential data to enable smart decisions to be made across your real estate portfolio.


Video Transcription

Nick: Hey, this is Nick with another Whiteboard Wednesday. On this week’s edition of Whiteboard Wednesday, we’re going to be talking about how MRI allows you to analyze all of the data and information that you’re compiling in one place to give you better insights into what your company’s doing and where you may want to take your company moving forward. The first way that we do this is through powerful reporting functionality.

This comes in the form of pre-built reports, the ability through our rapid report system to build and configure reports that make sense to you. All of our different modules within the system have different abilities to report out the information that comes in, compiling all of that for the different stakeholders across the business to see the information that makes sense to them and that they need to see to make smarter decisions.

MRI also has powerful budgeting and forecasting tools. Being able to take all of the data that you already have in the system, being able to project that out to forecast what your finances are going to look like in the future, allow you to make better, smarter budgeting decisions. We have that technology so that you can take your information and look forward one, two, three years into the future to see the best way to allocate all of your resources across your business.

The last way that we do this is through MRI analytics. The ability at the highest level to take all of this information, filter it up and create dashboards and reports for everybody throughout your business but also being able to roll up all those different data sets and data points from different properties so that from an executive level you can see not only how one property is doing but how all of the properties are doing across your entire portfolio.

Let’s say you’re not just in the residential or multifamily segment but you also have commercial properties. That information too can then all roll up into one place. Easy to see, easy to visualize all of that data that you’re getting throughout all of the different products, modules, and features that you’re utilizing within MRI to be able to see everything that’s happening within your organization. All of this stuff that we’ve talked about, being able to see everything from that bird’s eye view to make the best decision possible for your organization.

That’s it for Analyze and that is it for our series on the residential features functionality and products of MRI. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to MRI software. Also check out our website, where all of these different features you can see for yourself first-hand how they might help to optimize your business. That’s your Whiteboard Wednesday for this week. Thank you very much.

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