Unleash Your Team’s True Potential With Asset Management Support Services

A Message from Allen Feliz

Let Asset Management guide you through the uncertain future ahead

“At this time … it’s really important to make sure your properties are operating well. You need the capacity to do the blocking and tackling of asset management … and especially because of these uncertain times, you want to be able to do all of this work in the most cost effective way.”  
– Allen Feliz, VP of Affordable Managed Services

Asset management is an important job, with lots of moving pieces. Many owner-developers of Low-Income Housing Tax Credit properties and other types of affordable housing and Public Housing Authorities with mixed-finance assets like RAD find that they spend too much time doing the blocking and tackling of asset management and not enough time doing analysis, strategic thinking, and proactive management of their portfolios.

Watch our short video overview to learn how Asset Management Support Services can help:

  • Proactively address small issues before costly problems arise
  • Deliver key portfolio information to external partners
  • Expand portfolio or recapitalize existing deals
  • Achieve your mission of creating more affordable housing for your communities
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