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Past, Present, and Future: How Artificial Intelligence and Accurate Data Change the CRE World

From spreadsheets to intelligent data extraction and management backed by insightful data, how has the commercial real estate industry transformed over the years? What do lease data extracted by AI technology mean for your business, and how can you leverage accurate data to maximize your revenue potential, mitigate risk, and manage your assets more efficiently? How do AI algorithms help to streamline the lease abstraction process?

By having AI technology automatically read and gather crucial data from a lease and import it into your ERP system, you save a lot of time while increasing data quality. AI delivers more accurate and structured data. This means you can actually trust the data in your system and make better decisions upon it. Your reporting and forecasting will be significantly more accurate, too. And effortlessly having access to accurate, structured data also means you can focus on the value-add activity – the analysis and the interpretation of your data.

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Enhance availability, transparency, and auditability of key data
  • Access structured data with a few clicks- across portfolios
  • Get real-time insights from accurate portfolio data
  • Bring back transparency and accuracy in the analysis of rent roll
  • Generate more precise reports based on structured data

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