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Make Budgeting Less Painful for Commercial

Hopefully the pain of last fall’s Budgeting & Forecasting sessions is a distant memory and you have set about managing to the numbers that emerged from that process. At MRI, we work with organizations large and small who generally employ a process that consists of pulling information from a variety of sources, creating multiple versions across many spreadsheets and ultimately arriving at a number that any individual would struggle to explain.

We think there is a better way and we want to share that with you!

Join our B & F experts Andy Welkley and Phil Sherwood as they will describe a more efficient and accurate way to develop your organizations budgets and forecasts. Topics will include:

  • Explanatory vs. Exploratory Analysis – what’s the difference and why is one better?
  • Utilizing a single source of information and automatically loading data for the team
  • Reducing the reliance on spreadsheets and improving collaboration – at the same time
  • Evaluating ‘what-if’ scenarios while preserving the core budgeting process
  • A demonstration of how the MRI Budgeting & Forecasting tool addresses these challenges

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