The significant power behind CMMS solutions for the facilities management industry

Facilities management is the process of managing and maintaining the facilities within an organization. Think janitorial services, security, property management, safety, and more.

And tying it all together can be extremely complicated.

But it’s essential for organizations who need to create an environment that encourages productivity, is safe, is welcoming to customers and employees, meets government requirements, and is efficient.

To run effectively, the complex and risky coordination of these functions requires an intricate and robust system.

So, what are some of the significant factors that a successful facilities management system incorporates?

  • Data Storage
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Operational Standards
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Portfolio Transparency
  • Time & Resource Allocation
This list is just the tip of the iceberg regarding FM vitals.

And yet it does not even touch the extensive array of foundational functions—such as maintenance, security, daily procedures, and IT services—that are tackled daily.

With this constantly growing scope of expectations, where does a company turn in order to survive—let alone flourish—in today’s digitally saturated world?

There is only 1 answer: A CMMS solution.

The adoption of a CMMS into any organization results in a vast decrease of manual, inefficient tasks, allowing an impressive increase of strategic thinking for long-term success, competitive advantages, and maximum ROI.

But what is a CMMS, exactly?

The technical translation of CMMS is a Computerized Maintenance Management System, yet it is often substituted for EAM software (or Enterprise Asset Management). In the totality of a CMMS package, the database uses smart technology to accomplish and recommend maintenance functions that are way beyond human capabilities. At a minimum, it will store, connect, produce, and report on all your facility and equipment needs.

But the benefits go far beyond that.

CMMS software will interpret all your data helping you and your team do your jobs more efficiently. The software helps supervisors make more informed decisions and helps to keep your establishment up to date and compliant with regulatory standards.

  • COMPUTERIZED – Broken down further, the “computerized” portion refers to all the information that is stored through a digitized processor, ensuring virtual storage. This has become the ideal procedure over traditional means of data filing through manual actions, or even antiquated technology (by today’s standards) such as an Excel spreadsheet.
  • MAINTENANCE – The “maintenance” section describes the day-to-day tasks performed, such as on-demand work orders or urgent tenant requests. When a company’s responsibilities focus on building maintenance, entertainment facilities, and architectural infrastructures, CMMS software removes the burden from accountable parties by addressing the concern within the platform.
  • MANAGEMENT – Possibly the most essential part of CMMS would be the “management” piece. By reducing all the paperwork and labor-intensive processes, managing maintenance becomes instantly accessible. This includes comprehensive work/job site needs, bandwidth and resource calculations, inventory and asset forecasts, and over hundreds of intuitive reports available based on specific needs.
  • SYSTEM – Although the “system” segment is somewhat self-explanatory, the difference between a CMMS database and other automated systems is the ability to duplicate existing corporate practices. It can mimic your current business model and departmental procedures, instead of forcing you or team to adapt to a new platform’s specifications.
The core maintenance functionalities of a CMMS

When breaking down the features and functionalities of what a CMMS offers, customization options support an array of industries, including hospitals, utilities, athletic arenas, fleets, and any type of facility housing equipment or assets. These massive structural organizations require a robust and powerful system to supply their customer demands.

Expectations range from on-time delivery, constant equipment/facility reliability, up-to-date safety regulations, and top-notch customer service. Without implementing a modern, intuitive software system to align and unite these efforts across the board, a company’s reputation and survival is at risk.

A CMMS solution takes these responsibilities and assembles them into one holistic platform to enhance the possible outputs and positive results.

To run an efficient, safe and productive operation, a database would provide the following assistance:

  1. Work Order Management
  2. Resource & Labor Tracking
  3. Preventive Maintenance
  4. Inventory & Material Audits
  5. Vendor Management & Inspections
  6. Scheduling & Planning
  7. Site/Jobsite Management
  8. Purchasing & Budgeting
  9. Compliance Regulation
  10. Reporting & Analysis
How will a CMMS help my FM efforts?

At the highest level, implementing a CMMS solution will help you achieve higher asset efficiency and control. Automated systems ensure that the production systems operate as they should, minimize downtime, and increase productivity.

Every solution has its own feature set with bells and whistles, but the result of having a solution in place should help with the following performance enhancements:

  • Reduced Downtime: You can’t prevent all maintenance backlog altogether, but a CMMS solution balances resources and maintenance costs, so backlog remains manageable. It also makes it easier to repair and inspect assets reducing downtime as much as possible.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Considered one of the most imperative duties of facilities management, preventive maintenance is vital to longevity and corporate sustainability. With this as a CMMS function, you’re able to move those stubborn and traditional routines from reactive to proactive. Getting your team 1 step ahead—or 5 steps ahead—of any urgent matter before failure occurs.
  • Increased Visibility: Get complete clarity on all purchased assets, maintenance performance, faulty or risky environments, equipment involved, and efficiency reporting. One central dashboard provides a quick visualization of the status of priority projects. Any report showcasing an abnormality in performance is instantly noticed with the ability to retroactively find a resolution.
  • Automation of Manual Tasks: Task setting of any amplitude—work-orders, sustaining inventory, employee scheduling, or administration duties—can be configured on a one-time basis. From that point, manual tasks are set to autopilot, which saves time, refocus efforts, and reduce errors.
  • Increased Transparency: This permits access to all parties involved to view availability of resources, priorities, and scheduling. When expectations and bandwidth are openly shared, there is no room for uncertainty for clients or leadership teams.
  • Knowledge Transfer & Corporate Consistency: It can be difficult to manage an asset through its entire lifecycle if you don’t have the history. If this information is handed down manually, there’s a high risk for miscommunication, flawed execution, or total loss of information. Using a CMMS ensures you have all the details you need about every asset – from repairs to inspections – making it much easier for your facilities management team.
How to choose the right CMMS software for your needs

Are you ready to transform your facilities management processes by improving cost efficiency, creating asset longevity, upholding health and safety regulations, all while maintaining compliant standards? You have choices.

MRI NETfacilities offers intuitive and flexible solutions for your unique business. Providing a holistic view and expansive capabilities for any industry and size, we’ve got you covered. With that said, we understand the need for due diligence and research into this costly implementation. That’s why we always offer a no-obligation, free demonstration of what our CMMS solution entails. We’ll customize the demo just for you. And if it’s not what you’re looking for, we’re glad to help you determine the right path to success through other avenues.

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have as you explore your possibilities. You can set up your customized consultation today. Just get in touch here. We look forward to helping you in your journey to adopt a CMMS solution!


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