The self-service world around us

Let’s face it – self-service has become the norm in today’s fast paced society. Everywhere you look you see a self-service station, kiosk, or terminal that provides a service at a fraction of the time. When was the last time you went inside a bank to withdraw money? I bet you had to stop and think for a minute before you could answer. How about the last time you went to the grocery store and had a cashier ring you out? Have you paid a cable bill or checked a credit card balance through an automated phone service recently? Or even eaten at a buffet-style restaurant?

The world is becoming less dependent on traditional service providers every day. Gas station attendants rarely fill up the customer’s tank, elevator operators are all but an obsolete career, and the days of a general store clerk collecting your groceries for you are long gone. “The past decade has witnessed a rapid growth in self service that allows consumers to take on the traditional role of a service worker in the provision of a service,” states Embracing the Self-Service Economy, a report published by The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF).  “Over at least the next decade, self-service technology has the potential to be a major force for growth in productivity and improvements in quality of life.”

So how does this pertain to property management? Consider the “80/20 Rule” of management office interactions: most exchanges are low-complexity and require little effort, but take up the vast majority of your time, leaving a smaller amount of resources for the more difficult cases. By empowering your customers via a self-service portal such as MRI Tenant Connect, tenants can access pertinent information any time, enabling the staff to focus on more pressing activities instead of fielding phone calls about account balances or service order requests.

“Self-service technologies often make a business available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, rather than being limited to traditional working hours,” ITIF points out. “Consumers often find self-service technology empowering; using the technology, the customer can control the service encounter and not feel rushed or pressured.”

With MRI Tenant Connect, clients can make payments, review account status and history, and have access to handbooks, policies, and other important documents from the convenience of their computer. With the additional ability to submit, manage, and review service requests through Workspeed Property Operations integration, tenants can have peace of mind knowing that the property manager is aware of the leaky faucet or burned out light bulb even if it happens after the office closes for the day.

How much time and money would your properties save by utilizing a self-service portal? Visit our website to see how MRI’s property management software can help!


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