In harmony: The 2016 International Users Conference

In harmony: The 2016 International Users Conference

Each year, the MRI Software International Users Conference brings together clients from around the world to share knowledge, gain new skills, and have some fun. This year, 1100 attendees from 13 countries across six continents converged in Nashville, Tennessee. We enjoyed great music, learned how to line dance, and received VIP treatment at multiple parties in the heart of Music City. As a result, the early morning sessions were a bit fuzzy for some of us, but a good time was had by all!

The International Users Conference also gives MRI Software an opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to deliver flexibility and choice for you, our clients. While there’s a long list of highlights from this year’s show, here are a few achievements that we’re proud to share with you

Investment Management redefined

BackToBack_IntegratecWe strive to make technology that fits your business, and the continued evolution of our Investment Management product is a great example of this. With the acquisition of Integratec, the Investment Management suite now covers investment accounting and modeling, investor management, and data aggregation services. Instead of offering software that meets some of your needs, we provide a complete Investment Management solution that helps you understand, manage and communicate the performance and risks of deployed capital to drive maximum returns.

 Multifamily Connect SuitecallMaxScreenshot

MRI’s recent acquisition of CallMaX creates even more ways for multifamily clients to attract and retain residents. Combined with MRI’s already robust platform, the automated communications suite from CallMaX helps manage the multifamily lifecycle while meeting the needs of the digitally native workforce. The additional features give residents the ability to interact with property managers via multiple methods of communication, including phone, text, email and web chat. Plus, round-the-clock lead capture allows you to track and qualify prospective tenants and never miss a lead.

Expanded AnalytiX portal

The robust analytics capabilities of the MRI AnalytiX portal were previously only available with the Investment Management suite. But soon, other products including Financials, Commercial Management, and Commercial Retail Tenant Sales will also have access to data-driven insights. During the opening session at IUC 2016, the talented MRI Players performed a skit that demonstrated AnalytiX in action. Executive-level dashboards with drill-down and self-service analytics capabilities offer significant time savings and visibility into the performance of your properties to help make informed decisions quickly.

MRI Training Academy

Here at MRI, a big part of our job is to empower you to succeed at yours. As an MRI Software client, you have access to the new and improved MRI Training Academy, featuring more than 140 courses designed for new or experienced users. Whether you prefer to learn at your own pace or participate in a class, the Training Academy offers on-demand elearning and live online training to maximize your expertise. If you missed the training sessions at IUC, check out the MRI Training Academy to find some of what you missed.

Ride the Revolution with MRI Software

Whether you’ve attended IUC once or more than twenty times (you know who you are!), we’re proud to have you as part of the MRI Software family. Let’s continue working together to create real estate software solutions with maximum flexibility and choice.

See you in 2017 in Orlando!


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