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Avoiding Bad Managements

In property management, we are used to saying ‘yes’ to all business that gets brought into the rent roll all for the sake of ‘growth’.  But did you know that often, it’s what you say ‘no’ to that will determine your rent roll quality success?

In this complimentary webinar with Inspired Growth Training, we’ll show you how to avoid bad business in order to grow a quality, profitable rent roll, one that everyone will be happy and proud to work in. And, to help apply what you learned in practice, we’ve also added complimentary resources available for you to download.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • 10 important criteria you must consider before you bring on a new management
  • Tips and keys to predicting bad business and stressful situations before they occur.
  • 8 totally wrong property types that must be avoided that PMs sign up all the time.
  • The 6 irrefutable criteria of a ‘c-class landlord’ and why/how you could be earning around 25% per hour of what you would be with a ‘normal’ or regular management.

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