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MRI Software uses WhosOnLocation to reopen global workplaces

Learn how MRI Software is using employee, visitor and contractor management technology to reopen its global locations and meet health and safety requirements.

The challenges of reopening offices

As a global provider of real estate solutions, MRI Software is tasked with managing 26 office locations around the world. In this case study, we’ll learn about the technology that MRI’s global facilities team implemented to manage the workplace, keep employees safe, and meet compliance requirements that resulted from the pandemic.


As MRI reopened its offices, it needed to welcome employees back to the workplace safely while also ensuring proactive, efficient emergency management should the situation arise. With multiple offices across different countries, each location required a specialized plan to adhere to local regulations, protect employees, and reopen offices in accordance with regional health restrictions.

Keeping the team safe with touchless sign-in/sign-out

To ensure that each team and every employee felt safe when returning to the workplace, the MRI global facilities team began using WhosonLocation, an integrated application for employee, visitor, and contractor management. The solution empowered MRI offices around the globe to safeguard employee health and safety and reduce risk by managing the presence of everyone on the property.

WhosonLocation enabled the MRI team to collaborate with each other and continue to be productive — ensuring business continuity despite uncertainty. MRI offices are able to screen employees and visitors before they even step onto the premises, presenting sign-in questionnaires and automatically restricting access when responses don’t meet certain requirements. After clearing this process, approved personnel can sign in through their personal mobile device, ensuring a contactless and hassle-free check-in experience.

We’ve been very focused on getting people back into the office, and the insight that WhosOnLocation gives us into things like office capacity is a game-changer.

– Jill Judge, Global Facilities Director, MRI Software

Managing the onsite workforce with efficiency

Making workplaces accessible to eligible employees is only half the battle. Between client meetings and occasional maintenance needs, keeping track of who’s on the premises can get complicated. With WhosonLocation, local facilities teams can not only determine who’s allowed into the office, but also set limits on which areas visitors and employees can access. By establishing guardrails, such as granting visitors access to meeting rooms exclusively, MRI is able to facilitate an orderly flow of traffic throughout the workplace.

WhosonLocation also enables MRI to manage employee profiles, permissions, and presence, on or offsite. These tools give MRI the ability to account for each employee in the workplace in the event of an emergency with manual roll calls, self-verify, collaboration and insight, and evacuation reports.

Meeting compliance requirements with insight and flexibility

Keeping up to date with various health and safety regulations across multiple countries was one of the challenges that remained consistent two years into the COVID-19 pandemic. WhosOnLocation enabled MRI to manage and adapt to changing restrictions, mandates, and in some cases capacity limits that varied by location. MRI’s global facilities team was able to track the number of employees onsite and take the guesswork out of compliance. At any point in time, MRI knows the exact number of people on campus, and the solution can restrict access once occupancy limits are met.

In addition, the solution’s messaging features allow MRI to send real-time updates to all employees onsite, which can be used to send reminders regarding local health requirements or simply notify employees about in-office events and amenities.

In a world where “the new normal” has an ever-changing definition, MRI is equipped with the right tools to manage any office space and turn it a thriving workplace that can help employees feel confident about returning to work.

Learn more about WhosOnLocation and how its employee, visitor, and contractor management technology can change the way you transition back into office.

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