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Major healthcare provider streamlines presence management with WhosOnLocation

Learn how a leading healthcare provider is using MRI OnLocation from MRI Software to simplify on-site sign-in, office presence management, and communications processes.

About The Client

This client provides over 100 clinical services throughout more than 200 hospitals, health centres, and clinics within Birmingham and the West Midlands. Their services are made for adults, children, people with learning disabilities, and those in need of rehabilitation or dental services.

Business Challenge

As patients and healthcare providers started returning to offices and clinics during the pandemic, the client noticed that the sign-in/ out process was taking up considerable staff time. They wanted to reduce the burden on their team by ensuring any visitor or contractor can sign in themselves, which also decreases lobby wait time and traffic.


To have a better grasp on their in-office management, the client chose to leverage WhosOnLocation, MRI Software’s presence management tool. By implementing the solution throughout 21 locations, including rehab centres, hospitals, children and family centres, clinics, and residential bungalows, the team at Birmingham succeeded in enhancing their presence management processes.

Business Impact

WhosOnLocation’s robust capabilities motivate the compliance team at Birmingham to successfully rethink and manage how people are entering and signing in at their locations, how they track and measure in-person presence, and streamline verification.

Streamlined and Verified Sign-In Process
The sign-in process for contractors and visitors often distracted the compliance team from important tasks. WhosOnLocation’s sign-in kiosk enables employees, contractors, and visitors to signin without assistance from staff, and pre-registration further reduces wait time in the lobby.

Uninterrupted Visibility
WhosOnLocation’s onsite notifications ensure the compliance team knows when someone enters one of their sites. For more granular insights, the team can leverage the built-in dashboard to tailor individual profiles and view stats on sign-ins and current location, granting a new level of visibility that they didn’t have before.

Robust and Evolving Support
The client’s compliance team is working with the knowledgeable WhosOnLocation support staff to implement a hot works permit system, which will allow contractors to perform a job during a particular timeframe. The helpful WhosOnLocation team is well-trained to respond to their ever-evolving needs.

WhosOnLocation really motivated us to revamp how we manage who’s coming in and out of our locations. The dashboard and kiosk configuration tools have given us the most oversight and flexibility for how we monitor our employees, visitors, and contractors.

Compliance Manager

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