Recorded Demonstration: How to leverage technology and adapt to an evolving workplace

workplace solutions demo

Learn how to create a safe and flexible work environment with employee touch-less sign-in, desk booking and space management solutions.

The role of the workplace is to drive collaboration, engagement and business results. However, with hybrid work schedules, shifting needs and various health requirements, bringing employees together as a team is harder than it used to be. There is now a significant importance on implementing solutions that can bring people back to the office in a way that suits their needs and the needs of the business.

In this demonstration Burcu Salman and Ross Leibowitz will show you how to:

  • Create a safe, flexible and productive work environment with space planning, desk booking and reservation tools that empower employees to make optimal use of your workplace.
  • Control the flow of employees and visitors in and out of the office with solutions that give you a full view of who is on-site and who is working remotely.
  • Leverage technology to evaluate usage and business demand, while optimising your space and planning for the office of the future.
  • Keep employees, visitors, and contractors safe and secure with touch-less sign-in, contact tracing, wellness checks, and more when working on and off-site.

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