The journey to digitalisation

Data problems affect everyone at your organisation, so just imagine how great it’d feel to be the one that finds a solution. In fact, don’t imagine – take it from a renowned UK-based property investor. They now have complete and automated visibility of their portfolio data, all thanks to a forward-looking investment in artificial intelligence.

How to become a data superhero - Barriers to your success

Barriers to your success

Manual contract and lease management processes distract property investors, landlords, managers and occupiers from achieving what really matters. Maintaining occupancy, accurately collecting revenue and managing risk shouldn’t consume the entire working week.

How to become a data superhero - Identifying challenges

Identifying challenges

A market-leading REIT, felt that pain. Its team was spending 10 hours per week manually extracting data from disparate lease documents. Making accurate, data-driven decisions was impossible due to discrepancies and a lack of quality assurance.


How to become a data superhero - A new approach

A new approach

Realising these time-consuming efforts were distracting from their core aims of delivering value for investors, they turned to technology. Lease abstraction software can eliminate the manual burden, and support teams to turn raw information into actionable insight. It’s exactly what they needed to evolve.

How to become a data superhero - Data-driven insights

Data-driven insights

They led their business into an AI-powered future, starting with a digitalised audit of 800+ leases in a smart and centralised technology platform. The result? Structured data that can be leveraged for deep analytics and strategic decision-making – no manual intervention needed.

How to become a data superhero - A difference-maker

A difference-maker

The team had armed themselves with a new and powerful ally in the data battle. The future-proof solution, driven by sophisticated machine-learning, satisfies the needs of today – while keeping them a step ahead of inevitable portfolio variations tomorrow.
How to become a data superhero - Data superheroes, everywhere!

Data superheroes, everywhere!

From wasting hours on manual lease abstraction activity, this property investor has now achieved better business efficiency and increased profitability. A once formidable obstacle has been overcome, and with accurate, accessible data they are empowered to make business-critical decisions with complete confidence.