Property Tree Client Story: Anthony Caudullo of Crown Group

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After almost two decades in the industry, Crown Group’s Director of Property Management Anthony Caudullo knows that communication sits at the core of exceptional client service. Here he explains how Property Tree is helping his team to communicate with clients more effectively than ever before.

“As any property manager will tell you, one of the biggest challenges we face every day is communication – and we need the right tools to help us do it effectively,” says Anthony. The importance of consistent communication is one of the factors Anthony and his team considered when they decided to migrate to Property Tree in October 2018.

Into the cloud

“For most of my career, I’ve worked with Rockend’s Rest Professional,” he explains. But with technologies changing at a rapid pace, and as client expectations continue to grow, Anthony and his team knew it was time to make the move to a cloud-based property management software.

“These days property management is an anywhere, anytime business and property managers can’t afford to be reliant on software that’s desktop based. On-the-spot access wherever you are is essential – and that’s what Property Tree gives us.

“Importantly, Property Tree has allowed us to really step things up when it comes to effectively communicating with our clients.”

And of the migration process from Rest Professional to Property Tree?

“Moving from one system to another is always going to be a bit painful, but our migration manager at Rockend was brilliant,”

Giving clients what they want

Anthony says that the functionality Property Tree provides from a client perspective was integral to the decision to make the move.

“Clients want easy access to information whenever and wherever they are and, moreover, they want transparency,” says Anthony. “Property Tree’s Owner & Tenant Portal has made a big difference to the way our team communicates with clients. Now, clients can simply log into the portal and find the information they need.”

Moreover, personalised communications in Property Tree has vastly improved their clients’ experience, “We can tailor and personalise our communications, so everyone is receiving the information they want, in the the way they want it.”

Built for growth

Anthony’s team currently manages approximately 700 managements and this is set to rise to more than 1000 in the next 12 months.

Bringing so many new managements on in such a short time is challenging, but Anthony is confident that Property Tree will allow his team to meet the

“With Property Tree, we have the ability to easily add hundreds of new managements without a proportional uplift in our staffing numbers,” he says.

Reaping the benefits

Anthony says the benefits of automation via Property Tree are clear. “Our arrears have dropped by more than five per cent across the portfolio and the number of periodic inspections completed each month has increased by 20 per cent – all because notifications have been automated.”

Indeed, less than a year on from implementation, Crown Group is reaping benefits from Property Tree. There’s no looking back.

To know more of Anthony’s experience with using Property Tree, read his customer case study.



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