Benefits of owner and tenant portals in property management

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As a property manager, being bombarded with enquiries and requests from both landlords and tenants is all in a day’s work – it’s your responsibility as a property manager to fulfill them, and your clients expect you to deliver them in a reasonable time. But managing these requests and keeping track of conversations get especially harder as your rent roll grows, which is why solutions like landlord and tenant portals have now become essential for any real estate business looking for an efficient way to provide their customers with the high-quality service they deserve.

What are landlord and tenant portals?

Landlord and tenant portals, also called owner and tenant portals, are an online platform where your owners and tenants can log in to access their property information and communicate directly with you, their property manager.

In Property Tree, the owner and tenant portals are connected to your Property Tree account, so that new and historic receipts, tenancy invoices and owner statements created within the software are automatically made available to landlords and tenants.

By providing access, your customers can instantly see their current status such as property, arrears, lease and management information, as well as manage requests and inspections.

Benefits of using Property Tree’s online portals

  1. Cuts down paper use

Providing your customers with important information and documents about the leased property used to mean printing dozens of papers for statements, receipts, invoices, etc. Property Tree’s owner and tenant portal helps you save a whole lot of paper – and the costs and time that comes from printing and sending them – by giving tenants and owners their own access to these files. This is also good news for your clients as they now have an option to minimize the paper documents they receive from you and start living clutter-free.

  1. Allows owners accessible control of their properties

Property Tree’s online owner portals are designed to give owners control of their properties when they log in the platform. Aside from access to statements, ledgers, receipts and invoices, landlords are also able to do the following in their portal account:

  • Create maintenance requests and view progress
  • Choose a quote and approve the maintenance job
  • View full rental history of their properties

Property Tree’s owner portals also gives owners a single easily accessible platform for all their properties managed using Property Tree. So, whether they are also tenants of another property, or they have another property managed by another agency using Property Tree – they will be able to see all information in just one place.

  1. Gives tenants access to relevant information and lets them manage inspections

We understand that your tenants need some love too, which is why we designed the tenant portals to give them a reliable platform to access information and make their voice heard when it comes to decisions involving their lease. Aside from access to documents like receipts and invoices you have created in Property Tree, your tenants are also able to do the following in the portal:

  • Create maintenance requests and view the status of these requests
  • Accept scheduled inspections or propose a new time and date
  • Create tenancy ledgers at any time for any date range they require
  1. Provides you and your customers with an organized communication system

The beauty of direct messages created and exchanged within Property Tree’s portals is that messages are organized like conversations, helping your customers save time in searching emails to track a conversation, trying to make sense of who said what. All communications such as statements and invoices are also sent via a message in the portal, with an email notification sent to owners and tenants so no message gets missed.

  1. Accessible 24/7 from anywhere

Property Tree’s owner and tenant portal is an online platform, easily accessible wherever your customers are in the world, no matter what time of day. All documents and information shared within the portal are saved so all historic information is right at their fingertips whenever they need it.

  1. Gives you more time back to your business

As a property manager, there are probably lots of instances wherein you had to rummage through emails and files just to retrieve information that owners or tenants requested, spending more time searching for information than you have to. By giving customers their own access to their property information, you save time for yourself to get back to business and do more high value work. This is just one of the many time-saving benefits of using a cloud based property management software like Property Tree.

  1. Comes free with your Property Tree subscription

The owner and tenant portal are part of your Property Tree subscription – a fully integrated solution to make your and your customers lives easier. Getting started is easy: Just invite your owner and tenant contacts, have them accept the invitation and you can start using the portal to communicate and share information.

The owner and tenant portal is a win-win solution for you and your customers. By having personal access to property information they need, whenever they need it, they enjoy a great service experience with your business. In turn, you are saving time and money from printing files and manually sending them to owners and tenants. Additionally, you no longer spend hours of your day just searching for the information you need to provide, instead using that time to do work that puts more value to your business.

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Start inviting your owners and tenants to log in the portal.  Invite Owner and Tenant contacts individually from their profile in Property Tree or in bulk from Managements > Communications. Your contacts should accept the invitation before they can login the portal. Once all good, you and your customers can start messaging and sharing information through the portal! Check out the knowledgebase article for more information on how the owner and tenant portal works in Property Tree.

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