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Innovative Software Training Solutions

Knowledge is the Foundation to Success

Get training solutions that meet the needs of your users. Whether you’re a new property manager or an experienced software administrator, we give you the flexibility to choose the training method that works best for you and your team.

MRI Training Academy

As a central location for live and on-demand eLearning classes, the MRI Training Academy offers multiple ways to learn and maximize your investment.

Live Online Training

Delivered online by an MRI Software Instructor in a web-based environment that is ideal for users in multiple locations. Live online training is available for more than 50 different classes across all products.

On-demand eLearning

Learn at your own pace with on-demand eLearning classes. With more than 70 training classes available across all products, on-demand training gives remote team members the flexibility to access classes anytime, anywhere.

MRI’s Enterprise Learning Library (MELL)

Get unlimited access to on-demand classes with a company-wide subscription to MELL. Contact us or talk with your Account Executive for more details. Already signed up? Access MELL here.

Live Training Solutions

Available in person or online, our live training options provide an engaging, interactive environment for users to learn together. Choose to host the training at the MRI office, your office, or another agreed-upon location. Delivered in person by an MRI Software Instructor, live training is available for all products and can be tailored to your specific customizations. View the calendar of upcoming live public training events here.

Hands-On Training Labs

Ensure your users retain what they’ve learned by immediately applying their new skills. The labs include software simulations that align with specific classes and can be tailored to the needs of your team.