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MRI offers a fully integrated retail management software solution for retail REITs, property managers, owners and operators.

As competition builds in the brick-and-mortar retail market, the ability to make informed decisions based on accurate data will be critical. MRI’s open and connected approach to property management software gives retail firms the freedom to design their own integrated ecosystem, creating a unique competitive differentiator.

MRI’s retail management solution allows you to automate complex lease calculations such as recoveries, percentage rent, and breakpoints. Powerful analytics allow retail owners and operators to find the right tenant mix for optimal performance and determine which retailers are the best fit to achieve business goals. Get a high-level view of your retail portfolio with executive dashboards and highly flexible reporting. In today’s volatile retail industry landscape, understanding the health of your retailers and their risk tolerance will be essential to preventing potential setbacks.


Leverage data and technology to overcome commercial retail market shifts

With the right data, retail businesses can identify their optimal tenant mix, understand the health of their retailers, and stay agile to respond to market changes. Learn why technology is key to making data-informed decisions.

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