Whiteboard Wednesday – Residential Overview: Manage

MRI Residential Property Management Overview - Manage

On today’s Whiteboard Wednesday, Nick begins his overview of MRI’s powerful back office residential applications, specifically on products designed to help you manage your residents more effectively. Not only does MRI provide tools for multifamily apartments, but DHCR, Condo, Affordable, and Public Housing.


Video Transcription

Hey, this is Nick with another Whiteboard Wednesday. The last few weeks of Whiteboard Wednesday, we’ve been talking about ways that MRI software can help you manage your front office. The next few weeks, I really want to focus on ways that MRI software can help you to optimize your back office, and find ways to better manage your properties, control your financials, and analyze how you’re doing as a business to help propel your company moving forward.

Today, I’d like to speak about ways that MRI software can help you to manage your properties. First and foremost, we do that with a fairly robust property management system that you may have heard of before, the ability for us to track residents know when their lease expires, being able to run reports based on occupancy. Other things that MRI software is capable of doing in this space is, handling Condo associations, handling board members.

We have the ability to work with New York City and DHCR requirements, maintaining all of your residence in these different areas and these different avenues all together in one comprehensive system. The other way that we help you manage is through compliance. When I say compliance, what I really mean is affordable housing. If you’re focused on tax credits, MRI gives you the ability to utilize our system. If you’re a public housing authority, we have property management tools that also allow you to not only remain compliant but also to manage the different residents that you might be having at your property.

The last thing I do want to say about managing your software and your properties is through self-service. If you tune into our retain episode, I talked about self-service and the ability for a resident to get information they need, being able to pay their rents online and do things that are necessary to kind of optimize their situation. Well, on the back end, MRI software provides tools that your leasing agents, your property managers can get those requests from your residence and being able to push them out to engineers as promptly as possible, being able to get work done and being able to communicate with your residents to make them feel like they’re not just submitting a ticket, but they’re building a digital relationship with your property.

Those are some of the ways that MRI software helps you to manage your properties. Next week, we’re going to be talking about how MRI software can help you control your back end operations. That’s your Whiteboard Wednesday for this week. Thank you very much.

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