Whiteboard Wednesday – Residential Overview: Lease

In this week’s Whiteboard Wednesday, Nick continues his series on MRI’s residential solutions. MRI Software provides tools to help property managers automate their leasing process, background checks, and move in/out inspections to increase occupancy and increase revenue.


Video Transcription

Nick: Hey, this is Nick with another Whiteboard Wednesday. Today we’re going to be talking about how MRI software helps you to automate the leasing process to turn a prospect into a resident. The first way that we do that is by helping to expedite the process through automation. You’ve got this prospect, we talked about it last week, they’re super excited based on all the promotion you did, they found that perfect unit from an ILS site that we helped push information out to. Now they want to apply to be a resident of your community.

How are they going to do that? Through the automation of the lease process, going through step by step, giving you all the critical information you need digitally, so that they don’t even have to come into your properties leasing office to fill out an application. Saving you time, saving them time, and being able to get that application in sooner and, hopefully, before one of your competitors.

After that, MRI software also allows you to screen that prospective resident. You now have the ability to go and do a background check on this person. Utilizing our software, we can find out whether or not that resident would be someone that’s likely to pay in your unit helping you to maximize occupancy, but more importantly, maximizing the money that’s coming into your property.

The last piece of this, we do the lease process, they get screened, everything looks great. We’re now going to help by automating the inspection process as well. Now you can go with the resident out to the property, check it out, go and do a move-in inspection digitally from your iPad. All that information pushes into MRI with that new resident, and then when they do decide to leave, you can do the same thing to provide a move out of inspection, be able to compare the two and really automate this whole leasing process so that stress level not only for your leasing staff but for your resident gets alleviated. That’s how MRI helps with the leasing process. Come back next week, and we’re going to talk about resident retention. Thank you very much.

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