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On today’s Whiteboard Wednesday, Lorie Llorens discusses the top 5 reasons why you should use MRI’s Prospect Connect, to turn your prospects into residents quicker and more effectively.

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Video Transcription

Lorie Llorens: Hi, my name is Lorie. I’m the product marketing manager for Residential Solutions here at MRI Software. Today, we’re going to talk about the top five reasons to use Prospect Connect. In today’s busy world, I mean, the most frustrating thing you’ve probably experienced this is trying to make it somewhere to an office before the office closes so you’re rushing after work, you don’t get there in time or having to make multiple trips back to an office just to complete whatever task it is that you need to do.

With Prospect Connect, you can actually save your prospect lots of valuable time and on your end, you can actually turn them into a resident quicker which is better for your business. Today, we’re going to talk about the top five reasons to use Prospect Connect. Starting out as I mentioned, you’re making the process very easy for your prospect. They can go online in their time from wherever location they might be, they can see in real-time all the available units at your property, they can look at pricing, they can even look at amenities so they can choose different amenities.

They can even do things like if they have a pet and they want to be able to select that even though there may be an additional fee for that. I have a wiener dog so, of course, that’s what that is. [laughs] You can actually choose that. If you want to choose things like a washer and dryer, you can actually select that online as well.

The next thing that can happen is that actually after they go ahead and choose and reserve the unit that they like, they can then go ahead and complete the whole application process online, again, saving them time, saving them trips to your office. They can complete that whole process, they can walk through the application process and when they get to the end, they can even sign their lease if everything goes through online so, again, saving them time, making it quicker for you to turn them into an actual resident.

From the property perspective, the other thing that’s really great about Prospect Connect is that you can now customize your fields within the application for your property. If you want to gain additional information from your prospect, you can actually create those fields and then insert workflows that can lead them through that process. We’ll just use the pet as an example. If they do say that they have a pet and they want to go ahead and select that as an addition, they can walk through what type of pet it is, maybe the pet’s weight, the pet’s breed, if you have any restrictions at your property. That makes it a really useful tool for your property as well.

After they complete their application process online, of course, the final steps would be doing things like paying their application fees. Again, they don’t have to come to the office to do that, they can do that right online. We do integrate with any of your preferred payment providers that you’re using so giving you the freedom and the flexibility to keep running that business as you would like and then again, saving you time and getting to that bottom line quicker.

We can initiate the screening even quicker so automatically, once they complete that application online, the screening process will kick in and you will then automatically get the results of that screening and know if you need to follow up for additional information to get that prospect approved and certified to become a resident.

With all of these things working together, again, saving you time, saving your staff time, reducing the errors. If you do use MRI residential management for your property system, Prospect Connect even will automatically create a guest card within the system. Again, you can make sure that the information is consistent throughout your systems reducing errors as well and saving you time. I hope that all of these reasons together entice you to check out Prospect Connect. Contact us and we’d be happy to provide more information. Thanks so much for joining.

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