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The Journey to a Data Strategy Begins with Just a Few Steps

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Data is described in many ways today – from being the life blood of an organization to the connective tissue that binds teams together. There is no doubt that data can and should play a significant role in the strategy, growth and operations of a business. However, many organizations report frustration accessing and effectively leveraging their data. With the volume of data that can be collected expected to increase significantly, this is an issue that many will grapple with.

In this session, MRI’s Director of Global Data Services, Ian Niblock, will outline the steps necessary for your organization to unlock the potential of your data through a thoughtful and evolving data strategy. These critical steps to kicking off a journey to define your strategy will include:

  • Assessing your current situation
  • Identifying important future considerations
  • Establishing a data governance structure
  • Understanding your investment in time and resources

Equipping your teams with access to data and powerful tools to analyze it is much more than a project, it is a long term commitment to an effective data strategy. You’ll walk away with ideas on how you can envision a future where data can deliver on the promise to inform decisions and drive sustained growth.

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