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Taking Control of Your Accounting 2.0

Inaccessible or difficult to assemble data is the enemy of an efficient accounting process. Without the ability to quickly assess key performance indicators, bank reconciliation information and corresponding journal entries, accounting teams can become bogged down deciphering the information they need from less relevant information presented to them. MRI’s financial and accounting solutions are designed with efficiency and accuracy in mind so busy accounting teams can perform at their peak.

Join us for this webinar were MRI experts Jen Castner, Justin Wigley and Mike Winters will describe the elements that make MRI solutions the choice to maximize the performance of your team. You will hear and see how MRI delivers the data visualization and reporting tools to:

  • Provide at a glance information through an enhanced financial dashboard
  • Add visibility to the Bank Reconciliation process and realize speed and accuracy gains
  • Consolidate multiple bank reconciliations by period
  • Utilize new reporting tools such as the Cash Map Balance Report to deliver more relevant information

In this on-demand session, you will also see the solution in action with a tour of the product features described.

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