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How to Fight Fraud, Reduce Debt, and Cut Costs With Resident Screening

When it comes to preparing your organization for the next economic downturn, the ability to cut costs, remain compliant, reduce bad debt and maximize occupancy is critical. While most property management organizations use resident screening tools to minimize their risk, these systems are often fraught with inaccuracies and false-positive results, leaving valuable money on the table. Due to recent trends and an increased focus on tenant-screening practices, it is more important than ever to ensure that your properties utilize accurate and reliable screening results.

Join Aaron Durkee (Product Manager, MRI Software) and Ashley Close (Solutions Architect, MRI Software) for this product walkthrough on how you can reduce bad debt, fight fraud, and cut costs with Resident Check.

We’ll discuss how MRI Software’s Resident Check service puts real estate owners and operators in control via:

  • A customizable AccuScore model based on your risk tolerance
  • Insights into an applicant’s future rental performance and risk
  • Two-factor verification with on-staff criminal investigators that conduct criminal background checks in real-time


MRI Resident Check integrates with MRI Residential Management, Prospect Connect, Affordable Housing Bostonpost, MRI Public Housing solutions, as well as third-party property management solutions. We’ll cover how these integrations save your staff time and reduce manual entry errors.

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