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Regency boosts online review volume by 3000% and resident satisfaction to 90% with Opiniion and MRI Software

Regency Multifamily is a private real estate investment and development firm founded in 1974. Today, Regency owns and manages 4,000 apartments throughout the Midwest.

Business Challenge

Regency Multifamily owns and operates 15 properties and more than 4,000 apartments. With significant staffing shortages experienced industry wide, the task of collecting online reviews and consistently receiving resident feedback felt like an unattainable goal.

The company was accustomed to receiving 20-30 online reviews across the entire portfolio each year. They had no consistent way of requesting feedback, just ad-hoc conversations with residents. Other feedback was also hard to come by without a system for ongoing resident surveys.

The Regency team recognized the need for an automated, easyto-use solution that could help them measure and manage the resident experience at their communities and drive online reviews to improve ratings to increase leasing inquiries.


After evaluating multiple platforms, Regency selected Opiniion for three key reasons. First, the solution was more comprehensive than the alternatives. Opiniion not only manages reviews and online reputation, but is designed to improve the resident experience and satisfaction.

Secondly, Opiniion was the only reviewed platform created for the unique needs of multifamily housing. The functionality, messaging, and support team are attuned to the unique resident lifecycle.

Finally, Opiniion is a Solution Partner of MRI Software. As a long-time MRI client, Regency needed a solution with a robust MRI integration to simplify the user experience, reporting, and automation.

The result is a simple platform that works almost entirely in the background, collecting valuable resident feedback and online reviews and driving results without increasing demands on the team.

Opiniion is a dream come true! We were able to see the results immediately. Our properties had lofty goals for increasing review scores and we thought there was no chance of reaching them. And then, nearly overnight, properties dramatically ramped up review scores.

Kaci Conklin, Director of Leasing
Regency Multifamily

Business Impact

Monthly Online Review Volume Increased More than 3,000% in Six Months

Before Opiniion, Regency would occasionally ask residents for reviews when they seemed happy and when the opportunity presented itself. Despite setting review-generation goals, it was impossible to create consistency in the process without a dedicated tool.

By moving from an ad-hoc process that put the onus on busy onsite property staff to an automated, tech-driven process, Regency consistently generates reviews with almost no additional effort from the team. Since implementing Opiniion portfolio wide, Regency has improved operational efficiency to deliver better experiences for their residents and received over 500 new online reviews in just over six months, increasing the property rating at every location.

The Opiniion-MRI Integration Fuels Feedback Requests Across the Resident Lifecycle

Thanks to a robust integration between Opiniion and MRI Residential Management, Regency collects feedback at key events during the resident lifecycle—following a tour, at move-in, after a maintenance request is filled, and during the move-out process. Once the information is entered in MRI, the API triggers the feedback requests to be sent automatically!

Regency gains a clear picture of the resident experience and can compare results across properties, across different timeframes, and against industry averages.

Quick Pilot, then Easy Implementation and Onboarding Across the Portfolio

The Regency team piloted Opiniion at one property first, and the ROI was clear after just a few months. Following the initial success, MRI and Opiniion took a hands-on approach to set up the technology and integration portfolio wide.

The Data Helps Recognize and Celebrate Property Staff

Multifamily properties suffer from high employee turnover, staffing shortages, and difficulties filling vacant positions. The influx of resident feedback makes it possible for Regency to score and recognize the hard work of individual property and maintenance staff when they receive positive reviews.

The level of granular insight garnered at the property level enables Regency to make improvements in recognized areas and celebrate the people delivering exceptional resident experiences.

To start, we asked for feedback and reviews after maintenance requests on a weekly basis. From that alone, we saw our online reviews skyrocket and we received a ton of internal feedback from residents. That made us realize we needed to roll it out across every property.

Lauren Barth, Director of Marketing and Public Relation
Regency Multifamily

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