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RE:Envision Resident Engagement

Delivering amazing experiences is critical for success in residential real estate. For Multifamily operators, an amazing prospect experience will accelerate the lead to lease process and land residents. And that sets the stage for an amazing resident experience. For Affordable and Public Housing, delivering an amazing resident experience is part of the mission – to do right by the people that live in your community and contribute to their well-being.

In this webinar, we will talk about trends in prospect and resident habits and behaviors. How has COVID impacted these habits and behaviors? We will examine shifts in resident use of technology like portals and payments.

What does an amazing experience look like? Automation of mundane tasks that allows your on-site teams to focus on areas where human interaction is needed. The resident feels like they have a 24/7 office and the ability to do things on their own time. It looks like technology running smoothly and efficiently, behind the scenes.

The result is effective leasing teams that keep the existing residents you want and attract the right prospects. The result is an engaged, connected community with happy residents.

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