MRI Public and Affordable Housing Vision (Part 2)

In this episode of Whiteboard Wednesday, Mark Lewis continues his discussion about MRI Software’s Public and Affordable Housing vision. Today he focuses on the goals of this project, and what this new innovative platform will bring to MRI, Tenmast, HAB, Happy, IPM, and Bostonpost clients.



Marc Lewis: Hi I’m Marc Lewis I’m the product manager for the MRI affordable in public housing products. Today we’re going to talk about the four main goals that we’ve got for the product that we’re releasing. When we first started this, what we wanted to make sure that we provided the client is an updated enhanced user experience, the happy hub, tin mast in Boston post clients have been working in Windows for a while. What we wanted to do is bring them an enhanced user experience, a web-based product that is built on top of platform X. That’s our first goal that we’ve got here.

Our second goal was to provide them with a new reporting system that would give them easy access to data. With that, we’re building our affordable housing product and public housing product on the report gateway system. We’ll be able to provide up-to-date reports, providing mail-merge letters, PDFs as well as reports to the system. We also focused on the process management of day-to-day operations at the housing authority or the development agency. We also focused on the process management that the users will go through day-to-day to manage their properties.

We’ve provided a number of process dashboards and ways to view the entire system from beginning to end at one glance on one screen that makes it easy to use the software and easy to learn the new system. Add to that, a portal system to where the tenants and the residents can log in with their phones or their tablets and be able to access and update information back in the system.

Of course, the important part of this is that we bring it all together into platform X so that it gets released and it’s built right on top of residential management, and the housing authorities and the affordable property managers can utilize all the partners within the platform X system.

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