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How to Get Free Rental Payment History Reports

Reduce risk and improve profitability

It isn’t easy to identify the residents who will pay rent on time every month. But failing to do so has significant consequences that negatively impact net operating income. Access to the right data makes all the difference. As the leading provider of rental payment history, Experian RentBureau boosts the traditional credit tradelines data with relevant rental payment history. With Experian RentBureau rental payment history, you can pinpoint the residents who will pay rent on time every month.

Thanks to their partnership with MRI Software, MRI clients are now able to access the services offered by Experian RentBureau for free, meaning that organizations can have complete access to the data and information they need to ensure accurate screening results. Join Aaron Durkee, Lori Lord, and Rachel O’Neill as they discuss resident screening best practices. In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why rental payment history matters for your multifamily properties
  • How to utilize comprehensive resident screening
  • How you can get the free services of Experian RentBureau
  • How you can contribute rental payment data to Experian RentBureau’s rental payment history database to reduce skips and improve bad-debt recovery.

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