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How Smart, Agile Property Teams Use MRI @Work

The business of commercial real estate follows a cyclical path of activities often involving the ability to access and recognize key information immediately. The highest performing organizations have created environments where relevant data is more easily available to evaluate performance and drive action for teams. In this session, we will discuss how you can use information from a variety of sources to make decisions quickly and confidently take advantage of opportunities while managing the risk in today’s volatile environment.

Join MRI’s Vice President of Commercial Product Management, Carla Hinson, and Sr. Product Marketing Manager Andy Welkley as they discuss how information and data tie all aspects of commercial real estate together, and how you can set up best practices to take a leading role in driving growth for your own organization.

Carla and Andy will talk through the following aspects of the commercial real estate lifecycle:

  • Attracting and retaining great tenants
  • Abstraction and distribution of lease terms
  • Lease administration
  • Property Operations and Communication

It’s a lot to cover, so this will be a fast paced session designed to encourage you to look at how you have aligned your teams and tools to manage the activities that drive your organization forward or can hinder growth and productivity.

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